I think of my patients as heroes, and they're on a journey. And their journey is to discover wellness, not just to become well… It's a discovery process. And they're the hero on this journey. The doctor's not the hero… [Patients are] the ones that have to discover themselves, their purpose, what they need to do to be healthier. And in the end, we find it's not just taking a pill. It's how we relate to everything.

-Bill Mitchell, ND

Founder, Bastyr University

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IV therapy

Our IV therapy options include vitamin C, methylated B vitamins, glutathione, alpha lipoid acid, NAD, and others as individually required by our patients!

Integrative Oncology

Dr. Chris Holder offers an integrative approach to cancer treatment and prevention. The question after diagnosis for Dr. Holder is Why? What caused this cancer in the first place? Dr. Holder works with his patients to identify the causes of their cancer and correcting them to increase treatment efficacy and reduce recurrence!

Environmental Detox

Dr. Riegle and Dr. Holder have a speciality in environmental medicine. Are there ways in which the world around you is causing you to be ill? Have you had more exposure than others to environmental chemicals or do you notice that you’re very sensitive to smells like perfumes? Have you had a number of chronic illnesses that are linked with environmental toxicity including cancers, autoimmune illnesses, and infertility?  

Women’s Health

With an integrative approach to women’s conditions, Dr. Rabb and Dr. Riegle both specialize in seeing women and adolescents of all ages to help them feel comfortable and confident in their female bodies!

Complex Chronic Illness

We often consider ourselves “medical detectives”. It is our job to dig down to the cause of illness so that we can figure out how to help your body heal.

Integrative Pain Management

Dr. Thea Rabb is an expert in natural and integrative pain management. Whether it be from injury or imbalance, you can feel well taken care of in Dr. Rabb hands.

Integrative Neurology

Dr. Holder treats complex neurological illness such as Parkinson’s Disease, Morgellon’s, Alzheimer’s, Neuroloigcal Lyme, and more.

Integrative Fertility

Dr. Riegle and Dr. Rabb take an integrative approach to fertility treatment. Get your body’s cycles on track or take a deep dive into discovering what might be keeping you from getting pregnant.

Gastrointestinal Health

Naturopathic Doctors are GI experts. We recognize what a big part of health the GI system holds, so we spend a lot of our time learning about it. If you have digestive complaints from nausea and pain to a diagnosed condition like ulcerative colitis, IBS, or fatty liver, let us help you restore your system!